April 13, 2016


DLX Lighting is a part of diamas*group that produces lighting that includes indoor as well as outdoor lighting fixtures. Our products are suitable for your house, office building and apartement building.

We at DLX Lighting believe that every home, office building and apartement building belongs to a proud owner so we challenge ourselves in delivering the perfect product to match your proud possesions. Leonardo Da Vinci once stated that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and we share the same believe and value in designing our products, so that our products are simple, clean and modern.

We also believe that a product should exist not for the sake of being exist but to serve a purpose. A product should exist for how it makes people feel. We make sure that our product exist to make you feel at home. The familiarity and the warmness of the place you love the most is the reason why our product exist.

We believe that a product should also be created by the best people and with more than 30 years of glass making exprience, we are ablie to produce lighting fixtures that we and our customers can be proud of. And it mean everything to us

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