April 13, 2016


DLX Lighting Indoor is produced by PT. Diamas Star, Tangerang, Indonesia which was established in 1994 with the basic concept to make lighting fixtures by combiming the compomnent of both glass and material

We,DLX Lighting Indoor believe that people deserves to have the best product in the market, which is why we strive ourselves to become the organization to provide and supply our customers with the best product on the market. We keep our focus the most important factors become the best which are product design and build quality. Our design language focuses on contemporarry and exclusive design in this modern living age which is sitable for hotel, mall, cafe, restaurant and home uses. The increasing demand from domestic and foreign markets have shown us the acceptance of our design and quality

The glass shade, which is blown by the skillful, exprienced glass artist and supported by 35 more years of modern glass technology, has succeeded in producing the highest value and exclusive artwork. We went tthrough numerous of complex production processes in order to ensure that the customers can be proud in knowing that they own not just a more combination of glass and metal, but a work of art. While we are very proud of our products and design, we welcome any suggestions and critics from users, designers, architects and othe in order to futher improve our products. Finally, we would like to take time to express our gratitude to our customer who, throughout the years, have shown your unlimited supports to our proud business

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